The Announcement
on behalf of the authors of the Appeal We cant keep silence when the World perishes! to the General Secretary of the United Nations regarding the 14-th Anniversary of the planetary Chernobyl Disaster.

Dear Mr. General Secretary!

The group of Russian scientists and the public figures - the invalids of Second World War and Chernobyl in April 1998 announced the Appeal to the peoples of the countries of Europe and the World Community in connection with 12-th Anniversary of the planetary Chernobyl Disaster.
We believe that is sharply necessary today to formulate four concrete positions in the addition to this Appeal. We ask You, dear Mr. General Secretary, to support these positions and to ensure their following movement. They consist in the following points:

1. We believe that it is necessary to announce the next 2001 year - first year of the new millenium and the year of 15-th Anniversary of global Chernobyl Disaster - the International Year of the struggle with the global technogenic disasters and their increasing consequences (on the basis of the resolution of 45-th General Assembly of the United Nations in 1990).
2. We believe that it is necessary to make more active the International Paguosh movement of the scientists, which was initiated at the beginning of 50-th years by the most famous scientists of World - Albert Einstein, Lynus Poling, Bertran Russel, Frederick Jolio-Curie et al., with the prioritaire purpose -the orientation on the decision of the abovementioned global problems.
3. We believe that it is necessary to begin as soon as possible the working out and the realization of the International scientific Program of the prognostical estimation and the minimization of the increasing in the planetary scales radiation risk for the period, at least, up to 2050 year - the middle of XX1 century.
4. We believe that it is necessary to accelerate the work on the creation of the International Center of the medical treatment and the rehabilitation of the suffered from the radiation disasters and influences on the base, for example, of the existing Centers in Israel and Russia. Such work has began already in the present time and it requires of the continuation.

On behalf of the authors of the Appeal - the physicist, radioecologist, Dr. techn.sci (Ph.D), Chernobyl liquidator in 1986-1987, Chernobyl invalid, the member of the International Society for Risk Analysis, the member of European Association of Science for Air Pollution (EURASAP), the member of Eurasian Club of independent scientists of Russia.
Alexandr I. Glouchtchenko

30 April 2000 . Moscow, Russia.
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